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I have a passion for hiking, I will post my hikes as I accomplish them

hiking the AT approach and Len foote loop (1 of 1).jpg
Beegum Gap to Rabun Bald to Flint Knob and back 2-26-2022                                      7.2 miles           
Beegum gap to Rabun bald to Flint Knob and back.png

Not bad for my first hike, perfect weather and I took a lot more photos than normal

Blood Mountain and Freeman loop trail
3-7-2022                                      6.2 miles

Blood Mountain and Freeman loop.png

Slightly chilly, stepped on ice on the path

James E Edmunds trail 4-10-2022      7.1miles

James E Edmunds trail.png

Hiking the James Edmunds trail was very strenuous

Appalachian trail approach and Len foote trail loop 7-6-2022                        11.2 miles

 Was very humid, but beautiful

Appalachian approach trail and Len Foote trail loop.png

Amicalola falls to Springer Mtn and back
8-7-2022                                     18.3 miles

Amicalola falls to Springer mtn and back.png

VERY strenuous hike, VERY hot and humid